peedo is always looking for enthusiastic and talented individuals in various domains. We aim to have employees who can cater and connect with our diverse customers.

We want to enrich the lives of all our customers by helping people, businesses and communities become more connected.

We’re building a culture that makes us feel valued, we feel empowered to get the job done, we work together and help others do the same, and we’re passionate about being the communications leader in an increasingly connected world.

Our success comes from the outstanding people that make up our team. Many of the tasks we face are more than anyone can do alone, so our future depends on attracting, rewarding and retaining those who share our ‘can-do’ attitude.

Our Team:

Speedo values the passion and zeal in people to go that extra mile and promises them a variety of interesting and challenging opportunities in an intellectually stimulating workplace.

We, at Speedo encourage and back our employees to work in their own way, which in turn gets the best from them.

Working at Speedo means being expected to deliver your best and being well-rewarded for your skill, hard work and commitment.

We offer exciting opportunities in a wide range of sectors, spanning voice, data, video and security. We encourage employees to diversify their skill sets by moving across these segments, after having proven their capabilities in their current roles. This forms an integral part of our leadership development strategy. Our HR systems aim to create a sharp, performance-oriented culture with the right reward mechanisms that are benchmarked against the best in industry.

Our talent development and management strategy balances between growing talent from within the organization by backing their instincts and hiring people with specialist skill sets from outside.

Our leadership capability development programs are customized for all levels to ensure a robust leadership in one and all.

Speedo Group is on its way to start a Campus recruitment program which will offer fresh business school graduates opportunities that involves on-the-job training with experts from the industry. The program aims to provide exposure to all verticals and their work ways to allow hands-on experience specific to the industry. Through these assignments and projects, Speedo will endeavor to nurture and create a pool of potential talent who can deliver superior business performance.

Speedo follows the principle of “the power of many” and looks to harness collective synergies through collaboration and teamwork.


Because our business is becoming more and more complex by the day, we’re constantly looking for new ways to support, coach and develop our people. Whatever your area, you can expect ongoing learning opportunities that will help you develop your unique abilities to the full.

We hold individual “Performance Management Discussions” Performance Dialogues, with mid-year interim discussions and regular one to ones.

These discussions are there to help you to understand your strengths and development areas, to create your Personal Development Plan and to find learning solutions for you.

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