e at Speedo, offer tailor made solutions for your exact requirement. Hence, our solutions can be configured to provide the best suited equipment to meet your expectations. Audio visual installations dramatically enhance your overall corporate presentations and capture the attention and imagination of your audience. The right combination of products and technology will ensure that your multimedia presentations are delivered with optimal impact.

Complete Project Management…..The Speedo Advantage !!!

We have garnered some of the best expertise in the AV Solutions Market and represent some of the Most High Quality Brands that reflect our passion to offer nothing but the best to our Customers.

Display devices: One of the key components of any audio visual system and are among the most prominent and noticeable. Many popular types of displays that are commonly found in today’s meeting rooms and conference spaces include, but are not limited to:

  • Video Monitors
  • Front / Rear Projection Systems
  • Large Flat Panel Plasma / LCD / LED Displays
  • Video Cubes/Walls

Audio System : We believe that the best audio system you will ever hear will be the one you’ll notice the least. A good audio system will allow every word to be heard, conversations to flow, and the only adjustment that you’ll ever want to make is to the volume.

“When does an audio system become noticeable? It happens when people are leaning over to hear the conference call or becoming frustrated because its sound isn’t clear”

At Speedo, we know how to create audio systems that really work without a jitter. We make sure that everyone’s voice is crystal clear, whether they’re sitting at opposite ends of the same table or the world.

Video Equipment : Video equipment used in the meeting space can range significantly      based on the type of application and the needs of the user. Video equipment includes source  devices such as VCRs, DVDs and computer interfaces; routing and switching components for  moving signals around the room; and video peripherals including video document cameras,  electronic white boards and more..

“The ability to successfully integrate video sources into the meeting space is essential for a quality environment”

Speedo’s audio visual engineering team has specialized skills to determine the right equipment to make your system work just as you need

Control & Recording Systems: W hat’s the biggest complaint about audio visual equipment? Almost always the answer is that it’s too difficult to use.

From our years of experience in designing and implementing audio visual systems, we know that systems that are not simple to use simply don’t get used. At Speedo we strive to help you make the right choices when it comes to controlling your audio visual equipment and systems. There are multiple ways in which components and systems can be controlled and figuring out the way that will work best for you can be a challenge all by itself.



At Speedo our extensive experience with video conferencing is designed to give you choice and flexibility. We will help you make the right decision on the video conferencing system itself—from the basics such as whether you need an appliance, a multipurpose PC based video system, with or without video streaming, to the more advanced decisions, like choice of networks that are available for connecting all of your company’s video-enabled locations. These can vary from using Digital Telephone lines known as ISDN, or using an IP (Internet Protocol) network.