Surveillance Systems


CTV Surveillance Systems: Speedo’sIP-based surveillance systems have witnessed a lot of growth in the IT and security industries because they offer a scalable, company-owned solution that offer the advantages of flexibility and low cost of ownership. A digital system can be built within an already existing IP network, and this fact will make a company’s budget department breathe easier…Call us, so that we may assist you to help secure your surroundings

Access Control / Biometric Solutions

Speedo’s research & development team keeps devising innovative solutions to the Corporate needs of today and tomorrow. We pursue research in technologies that we believe will drive changes in computing over the next decade. As an new age technology enhanced laboratory our key focus is to work closely with all our clients to offer up-scale solutions.

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Fire alarm systems :

You do not wish to experience the demoralizing ruin made by fire accidents on a business before you install fire alarm in your business premises. The assurance that your workplace is not prone to fire accident makes a healthy and conducive working environment.

Speedo’s fire alarm solutions installed would make your employees and visitors comfortable, and thus, the business will be smooth and worry-free. The people in the workplace are easily alerted even before fire breaks out. It gives great possibility to put it out before it gets too large to be extinguished. Otherwise, the people in the area will be given an ample time to escape.