Voice Loggers / Call Recorders:

A variety of Voice Loggers are available for use today depending on the application you wish to serve.

  • Analog PC Based Voice Logger – PCI Based
  • Digital Trunk Side (PRI) Voice Logger – PCI Based
  • Digital Extension Voice Logger – PCI Based
  • VOIP Voice Logger

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Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS)

Speedo provides 2 different kind of solutions for IVR for Analog and Digital namely-

  • IVRS – With Database: The Solution is a dynamic and extremely resourceful. Our IVR Software can work with any Database of the clientele and can fetch the data even though views.
  • IVRS – Without Database: This Solution is ideal for client’s who do not keep a track of their customer details stored in their database. The solution will not identify the caller but the caller can navigate the menus in the CALL FLOW and can choose the necessary options.

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Broadcast: Dialer (Out Bound Dialing Solutions) which delivers digital voice messages with or without any agents. It is designed for organizations that need to contract large volume of people in a very short period of time. Specially designed for outbound calling Increase your agent productivity by up to 300% compared to manual dealing. It has one purpose that’s to make outbound telemarketing and market research activities productive and efficient. Because it costs and definitely matter.

IP & GSM Based Messaging Solution : In addition to lightning-fast Pushing – n – Pulling messages, maintaining message logs schedule, our messaging solutions offer options for creating a schedule to automatically send SMS on a specific day at a specific time. The schedules can be set to a daily frequency, weekly frequency, monthly frequency or a one-time only schedule, plus outstanding capabilities for migration to future technologies that build upon your initial investment

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